Child abuse on Ashley


New member
So i was just calmly playing Skyblock, minding my own business building stuff n that, then all of a sudden Nyan and Snowzi show up at my island and start hitting me into the void, randomly placing bedrock and turning my whole build into bedrock. I've told them multiple times to stop but they wouldn't, this went on for about 45 minutes until i decided to log off. Also i think Snowzi was in gamemode since he could hit me but i couldn't hit him.


Staff member
Ashley, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I've now just talked to Nyan Cat. He said it only lasted for twenty minutes, has hit you into the void once and had the island converted to bedrock for a little bit. I've told him that whenever a player asks you to stop, they should immediately stop and I told him not to abuse it that much, if that is what actually happened. You did the right thing though to bring this to our attention, so thank you. Admin abuse should not happen, if it's that excessive.

Enjoy the server and tell your friends about it!



Space cat
you seem to have exaggerated a bit for how long this has gone on for, I'd say it was about 10mins at max and snowzi agrees with this. we hit you into the void once, after I tped you back you kept jumping in the void over and over again. snowzi was not in gamemode we tried to time it perfectly so when she tried to punch you that I would hit you. the only death from us that you had was when we hit you in the void as you don't lose items in the void.